While realtors have all kinds of political beliefs, some types of views are more common than others. Some studies have suggested a significant portion of people working in the real estate industry are registered Republicans.

Why do so many realtors identify as Republicans? While each broker has their own reasons for voting the way they do, several things might have led brokers down this path:

1. Realtors Are Business-Minded

Many prominent Republicans are businesspeople. They are interested in making money and growing their business further.

Realtors have to be business-minded to be successful. Selling things is their business, as is convincing people to buy things. Because of this, identifying with a lot of prominent Republican candidates is easy for them.

Many Republican candidates were involved in real estate before they entered politics. It’s clear that these candidates are using the knowledge they gleaned from their time in investment properties.

2. Many Realtors Are In A Higher Tax Bracket

Some successful brokers fall into a top tax bracket. They have a vested interest in keeping Democratic candidates out of office; they’d wind up paying more taxes this way.

Republicans prefer to keep taxes low for people who are wealthy. Real estate agents know that if they vote Republican, they’ll be able to hold on to more of the wealth they’ve accrued. Some people vote on social issues, but there are just as many individuals who make their votes based on their economic beliefs.

No two realtors are the same. There are real estate agents who identify as democrats, republicans, and even libertarians.

With that said, it’s clear that the Republican platform is appealing to a lot of real estate agents. In fact, a lot of young Republicans become involved in real estate or other investment areas. This is one group that Republicans won’t have to work hard to reach.

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